Office Storage Ideas for Individual Workstations

Office Storage Ideas for Individual Workstations

When planning an office design it is useful to come up with a fully comprehensive storage plan, one that includes space for general filing and stashing of supplies as well as smaller organisational pieces. Workstation organisation needs to cater to the individual employee’s needs, with some requiring paper organisational accessories and others tools for tidying up technology.

Wall Space

Cubicle walls can be put to great use for holding practical office storage items that make finding necessary stationery in a rush much easier. By mounting office storage to partition walls you can clear up desk space, giving employees more space for the computer, keyboard and important papers.

Notice Boards

Another great use of partition walls is to transform them into handy notice boards for papers, urgent notices and personal decorations. You could use either cork-board or magnetic sheets as multi-purpose office storage on your workstations. In an open plan office notice boards can be used as collaborative spaces for sharing ideas and sources of inspiration.

Under the Desk

For more permanent storage, a filing cabinet under the desk is a handy option as it keeps files close but also out of the way. While a filing cabinet will not be necessary for every employee, for those working in administration or management, having the most recent and important files close at hand is essential to working in a streamlined manner.

Arts and Crafts

For those with more creative jobs, a specialised approach is often needed for fitting out the workstation. For designers and artists, a system of small nooks and shelves might be the most useful for storing supplies such as brushes, paints, stamps and paper samples.

Central Space

One way to make the storage of your whole workplace more convenient and efficient is to organise your workstations around a central unit holding supplies or files. Some cabinets and filing units can easily double as partitioning walls, allowing you to save space as you create more convenient office storage.

Desk Trays

Sometimes the smallest items are the hardest to find a space for in the workplace. Items such as pens, paper-clips and small notepads can easily spread across the desk, making a workstation cluttered, messy and hard to work in. Office storage accessories such as shallow desk trays and dishes are an easy and simple way to organise individual workstations in the workplace.


Hooks are the most multi-purpose accessories we can think of. Hooks always comes in handy in workstations, whether for holding coats in winter or for holding extra office storage as the need arises.