Preparing Your Car For Storage

Preparing Your Car For Storage

Well-known self storage providers, such as Concord Storage, offer you car storage spaces that meet all your needs. You have researched hard and finally found the best place to park your car. However, is this all that you need to know? Remember, if you are planning for long-term car storage, just driving in and parking your car is not all. You need to prepare your car before you keep it in storage. After all you want your precious vehicle to remain in the same condition when you return to retrieve it. Here are some important tips that will help you make your car ready for long-term storage.

*Keep your gas tank full. A full tank will reduce the space of air above it, and this, in turn, will eliminate moisture absorption by gasoline. It helps mix certain additives to gasoline that act as corrosion inhibitors. If you do not know which brand to mix, a good idea is to ask the staff of Concord Car Storage, who will be very eager to help you.

*Replace the engine oil of your car. Dirty oil can play havoc with your car. Contaminants, such as water and oil, can cause early problems.

*If you do not have plans to take out your car frequently, it will do well to remove the spark plugs, spray a good upper cylinder lubricant on the cylinder, and replace the plugs.

*Keep the brake and master cylinders full with brake oil. Less exposed surface means less moisture absorption.

*It is important to prevent rust in the engine area. To do this, use an appropriate lubricant spray to all exposed metal surfaces. The volatile elements in the spray evaporate, leaving behind a protective film.

*You will certainly like to see your car look elegantly parked in Concord Storage. Wash your car beforehand and apply wax to give your car a polished look.

*Give your car a good run before you drive it to the car storage. This helps moisture to evaporate from the exhaust channels. Concord Storage staff will recommend that you keep the hand brakes “off” and leave the gears in position.

*Over inflating the tires will help prevent flat spots.

*Disconnect the battery.

Concord Storage Units suggest that you take out the car occasionally for short drives. This helps in the upkeep of the car. The Following Are Some Other Important Points:

*Check the expiry date of your car’s registration to ensure that it will not expire when you are away.

*See to it that all aspects of insurance are taken care of while you are away. The staff of Concord Storage may assist you in insurance issues. Nevertheless, it helps doing your homework well in advance.

If your car is stored well in a dependable storage unit, it will ensure great peace of mind. Concord Storage fortunately is well geared to meet all your needs. It is not surprising that Concord Self Storage and Concord RV Storage have made a name for itself for dependability, efficiency, and reassuring service.