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And in this case, significantly less is more because attraction marketing continues to beat out interruption marketing on a standard basis a lot like most people (except celebrities) are shrinking their networks to include a significantly smaller circle of pals — those they take place to meet in person and see somewhat routinely.

Miz Rich, for these who do not know, was married for thirty years to disgraced (but nonetheless filthy rich) financier Marc Rich who famously fled to Switzerland in the mid-1980s right after then U.S. Federal Prosecutor—and eventual mayor of New York and pie-in-the-sky presidential candidate—Rudy Guiliani filed charges against him for tax evasion and illegal oil trading with Iran or some such other nefarious cash-minting nonsense.

Not as we used to see them – as some object of pity, or scorn, or adore, or lust, or what ever nonsense we project onto them – they’re undertaking the projecting now, and they can seem to us in what ever form they want to. It is usually at the point they felt the very best about themselves, and yet they want the individual they are visiting to be able to recognize them, and not jump out of their skin when they appear.

Though divorced five years earlier, Miz Rich is rumored to have been an overnight guest at the White Home the night ahead of her ex-husband was pardoned in 2001 and she not surprisingly invoked the 5th Amendment when she was later questioned at a congressional hearing convened to figure out if her ex-husband’s pardon may possibly have been brought about as a outcome of her considerable contributions to the Democratic Celebration in basic and the Clinton Library in specific.