Self Storage Creates Order In Your Home

Self Storage Creates Order In Your Home

Most people find themselves wishing for more storage space at some point in their lives. Whether it is a move to a new home, a special occasion like a wedding or new baby, or just accumulating too many things for the space you have available, you are likely to find yourself in this situation. As the piles of books and clothing become larger, the bins of shoes and jumpers begin to overflow, or the baskets of letters and papers start to run over, you may start to realize that it is time to invest in some self storage units. With all the choices, from boxes to peg-boards, it can be overwhelming to start the organization process. Here are some helpful tips to get you started.

First, consider self storage options that allow you to put your belongings out of sight. Special, flat boxes designed to hold shoes or clothing can slide easily under your bed, keeping it out of your way, and out of your sight. You will have easy access to your belongings, though, and you will not have to use precious closet space. This is a great idea for seasonal clothing, especially.

Second, consider using wall-mounted hooks or hangers. By using the wall as additional storage space, you free up shelves, as well as floor space, in your closets. The more things you can put in your closet neatly, the more space you will have in the rest of your home in which to move about or to store more things. A large amount of things can be stored in a small space if you utilize the space intelligently and creatively.

Third, consider storage units that fit into your closets. Think about investing in shelving units that fit under the existing shelves, or shoe racks that slot in nicely under shelves. Or, look for a shoe storage unit that hangs on the back of your closet door. With your shoes off the floor, you can use the space for waterproof plastic boxes that can easily house clothing, books, games, or whatever clutter you have.

One important aspect of organization is getting rid of things you do not use. Once or twice a year, sort through all of your belongings, especially things already taking up precious storage space, and divide them into categories: things you will throw away because they are broken or worn out, things that are in good condition and can be donated, and things you are still using and will keep. Be strict while doing this, and get rid of anything you have not worn or used in the past six months. You can sort through all of your things, including clothing, toys belonging to your children, games, and kitchen gadgets. By doing this twice yearly, you will eliminate a good portion of the clutter that might otherwise accumulate.