Self Storage – Tips and Tricks For Packing And Moving

Self Storage – Tips and Tricks For Packing And Moving

Self storage facilities are used by thousands of people today. Whether you are relocating or are trying to free up some space in the home or in the office, making use of self storage facilities is a good idea. Apart from providing enough space for your belongings, they also offer the much needed security for your belongings, convenience and value.

But, before you make the big move, it is important for you to learn some essential tips and tricks of packing and moving. Self storage tips and tricks will not only ensure that your move is a hassle free one, but it will also ensure that your valuables and belongings are stored safely. Let us take a look at some of the essential self storage tips and tricks for packing and moving.

1. Proper planning is the key to success. When you plan your move properly, you will have an effective and an efficient storage experience. If you are planning to use a space on a frequent basis, choosing a larger unit may be more convenient.

2. Plan your storage space. If there are items which you will be accessing on a regular basis, they can be placed right in the front.

3. allow for walkways

4. When filling boxes, make sure you put heavier items at the bottom of the boxes. Completely fill the boxes with the lighter items on the top.

5. If the boxes are of uniform size, it is going to be easy for you to stack them in the storage unit.

6. There are certain items which may be prohibited and not allowed to be kept in storage facilities. Read the contract to determine which items are not allowed.

7. For easy identification, label all the boxes.

8. Allow for ventilation by leaving small gaps between the wall of the boxes and your items.

9. When choosing a lock for your unit, make sure you choose a high quality lock such as a disc lock. These are quite hard to break and will ensure that your belongings are safe.

10. Make an inventory of all the items you have placed in storage. Keep the inventory in a safe place.

11. When packing fragile items such as glasses and dishes, use packing paper to wrap them up individually. Nest bowls and cups and stand saucers, platters and plates on the edge. Place wrapped glasses near the top of the box. Use packing material to fill all pockets. Label all boxes with fragile items and do not place other heavy boxes on the boxes containing fragile items.

12. Concrete floors can become cold and damp and for this reason, clothing items must be stored on hangers. If you do not have hanging cartons, fold the clothing items carefully and store them in cedar chests and dresser drawers.

Following these simple self storage tips and tricks will ensure that you have a pleasant storage experience. In addition, it will also help you determine the unit size that you will need for all your storage items making the whole thing more cost effective and convenient for you.