Start a Business Online, 7 Do’s and Don’t

Starting a business online is very, very profitable; since you have very little overhead and can reach billions of people globally. And yet you could waste a lot of money and lose your shirt if you do not do the right things. How do you decide on which business is right for you?, how do you know what scams to look for? And what places you do not want to start your websites at?, and how do you get customers? Well my dear reader I am about to share with you 7 secret tips of what not to do, and do, to be successful.
First thing not to do when starting a business online is: Do not start your website, or ” host your website ” just anywhere. They will all promise you the world for $19.99 per month, and by the time you get done you are paying $99.00 per month plus. And on top of that most of them will not allow you to make your website flashy because they do not have the capabilities like: placing banners, create HTML coding, or have a double lead capture page. Instead, do your research by first looking at some major successful websites, like Best Bank, Sears, and see all of what they have; and then call each one of those ” hosting companies ” and ask them: can you have this or that, or will it be able to do this or that?
Second thing not to do is: Do not buy something off a new email that is sent to you every time; for every hour a new marketing guru will claim he can easily make you millions. And they will claim they can give you all the customers you can handle, and all you have to do is buy their e – book. Instead, do Google searches, and look for articles like mine that are free and will give you truthful and valuable information about the industry, and how to truly make money starting a business online.
Third thing to start a business online: Do not buy those email lists for $29, 59, or $99.00. They are all scams. They promise you thousands of visitors. And those visitors are nothing but ghosts, never real people. They have computers that just do automatic clicks, and then you look at your counters and see 20,000 clicks in one day, and not one person looked at or bought anything. Instead, open up an account with Google, and run a couple of small ads with good keywords. It is called ” pay per clicks “, because you only pay 10 cents and up only when a real person do a search for information, and your ad matches that information. So they will come to you already wanting what you have.
Fourth tip of things to do and not do: Do not, and I repeat do not waste your time on doing ” ad exchanges ” or ” banner exchanges ” or any kind of exchange for advertising. Do not think you are gaining anything, because they only want you to click on their banner or ads at least 10 times before they even click on one of yours. And believe me, again they have computers or programs that do the click. So while you waste your time online clicking, they are not even there. Instead, buy a couple of banner space or impressions at some websites that will place those banners on search engines and their website. Just like you see when you open A O L or Yahoo accounts about those insurance companies or Sears etc.
Fifth thing: Do not start a whole website, just because you join a multilevel marketing business and you have for yourself nothing to sell. Instead, do use the replicated webpage that they give you and send your friends, and contacts to it, and sign them up. And also run a small ad with Google or yahoo, but before you do, you should buy a ” Domain Name ” for $9.00 per year and forward that to your replicated webpage. Because they do not like all these long links you have.
Sixth thing to start a business online: Do not get excited and just start a business online just because. And do not join every business that send you a recruiting email. Instead, do your research about your ideas and what you want to sell, and also how badly do people need it. And if you are joining somebody ‘ s business do the same thing. People have to need what you have. Not just want.
Seventh thing to do and not do: Do not try to reinvent the internet as a business. It is a global market place and believe me when I tell you, every good thing and every scam has already been thought of and is running online. Instead, do spend a week or so just reading ads and affiliate links to learn what is already working. Do join ” Click Bank ” and there, you can see the successful businesses that are making money, and read their sales pitch for your own ideas and needs to start a business online. Now my friend, to help you get started, I have already researched for you 2 great companies that are making a lot of money helping people save money. One helps people save money with their shopping habits. And the other help them save money with their legal situations, as every life event is a legal situation. Both of these websites use the power of millions of people combining together to have financial empowerment. You must look down there in my resource box right now, and click on each one of them and explore the sites real good. Do not ever get into something that you do not fully understand, then you will only quit. I believe in them so much that I myself have partnered with them to make sure they are legit and will make you a whole lot of money helping people. Remember, people first, always. And money second. Let ‘ s get started.
By Dr. James Dazouloute