The Essentials of Bricks – Revisited

Benefits of Building Homes Using Bricks Ever since the dawn of time, shelter has been a basic need to humanity. For centuries man has been constructing houses which has led to many technological advancements in the construction industry. Bricks have been used for a very long time in the building industry. Bricks have however lost popularity in the construction industry due to the higher costs involved and also the amount of time it takes to build. Many people today prefer to use prefabricated walls, wood panels along with other modern walling materials available today. Many people are unaware of the many benefits building your house with bricks has. Some of them are discussed below. The main advantage of building using bricks is that houses constructed with bricks last much longer. A lot of brick homes that were constructed many decades ago are still in good condition today. You can rely on the bricks’ strength to stand up to the elements. For instance studies reveal that bricks provide more protection from storms than any other elements. Individuals living in storm prone regions should therefore construct their homes using bricks. Bricks are made from clay which is a non-combustible material which won’t burn during a fire and will help contain the fire to one room. Another benefit of building with bricks is that they are cost effective. The initial construction cost may be higher than other materials but a brick home will have lower maintenance costs. They require less maintenance for the first 25 years than other materials like wood which can be destroyed by a mere insect or decay. Brick houses are also charged lower insurance premiums than other materials due to their resilience. Additionally, brick houses have a greater resale value in comparison to other materials.
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Another advantage of brick homes is their ability to regulate temperature. This is because bricks have better thermal mass than other materials meaning heat takes more time to travel through bricks. This means that during hot days a brick home will stay cool and during cold winter days, the bricks will keep the heat in the house for longer making it warm. Living in a brick home can help you to save on your energy bill because you won’t have to rely on a thermostat.
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Bricks are also the most environmentally friendly construction material. Bricks are made from clay and shale which are both naturally occurring materials which are in abundance. In addition bricks can be recycled and reused by crushing them and using them in landscaping. As a result there is minimal waste when using bricks and when there’s waste it is essentially earth. The bricks manufacturing process is also environmentally friendly as the kilns are heated using natural gas and other eco-friendly materials.