Types of Self Storage

Types of Self Storage

The Self Storage industry has come a long way ever since it started in the seventies. When these facilities first started they used to consist of garage like structures often with leaky roofs. They used to be only fit for storing old belongings of little or no value.

However, today storing facilities consist of well-built and well-maintained buildings. These facilities offer clean and secure storing environment for all types of storing needs.

Storing Facilities For All Types Of Storing Needs

Talking about types of storing facilities, this is another great achievement that the industry has made over the years. Today one can find Self Storage facilities catering to all types of storing needs. Whether it is a boat or a sofa that you need to store, you can find a storage unit that is built for just that purpose.

Boat storage facilities have sprung up all across the country. With more and more people owning a boat, the need for storing facilities for these vehicles arose. Today you can rent an indoor or outdoor storing unit for your boat. You can opt for a climate controlled unit or just a regular storing unit.

Car storage is another type of Self Storage warehouse that has a huge demand today. Many people own more than one vehicle, but might not have enough space in their driveway or garage to store all the vehicles. Many people own vintage cars that need proper storage space.

Vehicle storage units protect the vehicle from weather damage and also provide a secured environment for all types of vehicles.

Another type of storage facility that is much in demand today is RV storage. Not everyone has a place in their house to store their RVs. Leaving these vehicles on the driveway make them prone to weather related damages. Plus there is always the threat of the vehicle being stolen.

A Self Storage provides a secured environment. A climate controlled storing facility ensures that the vehicle is stored in an environment in which the temperature remains constant. In addition a climate controlled storing unit is free from pest infestation, thereby ensuring that your vehicle will be in the condition it was when it was initially stored.

Movable Storing Units

Moving storage is another type of Self Storage facility that has come up in recent years. It consists of movable storage containers that are delivered to the driveway of the customer. Customer can fill these units up whenever he or she has the time. The unit can then be moved to one of the storage buildings or can be left in the driveway. What to do with this type of Self Storage is up to the customer.

Those who are moving to a new place often use moving storage facilities. It allows the customer to store the belongings as and how they like. The whole unit then can be moved to the new house when they request it to be done. These moving facilities have taken moving and storage to a whole new level.

Mini Storing Units

Those who do not have much to store, but do require extra storage space can opt for mini storage. Small storing units can consist of storage lockers or small table sized units. They are often used for storing documents and miscellaneous items.

It is obvious that today finding a Self Storage warehouse that meets your needs will not be hard. It is also not hard to rent storage warehouses at very affordable rates. However, one must remember to pay the rent on time otherwise you could see your belongings being sold off in one of the storage auctions.