Use Of Self Storage For Business Purposes

Use Of Self Storage For Business Purposes

Apart from the fact that self storage units are extremely useful for individuals for storing their excess household goods, they are also ideal for small and medium businesses that have to deal with their excess inventory from time to time. These businesses find it more economical to use storage units rather than expanding their office premises or increasing the capacity of their own warehouses.

Advantages Of Using Self Storage Units For Business Needs

1) Commercial Advantages: For storing goods in self storage units, business organizations have to pay only the monthly rent; they do not need to execute any long-term contracts. The storage companies also do not ask for bank guarantees or large bonds. The applicable rents are reasonable and low, which makes it economical for businesses to use their offices or warehouses for generating revenue while storing their extra inventory in self storage units.

2) Safety: They provide various security arrangements so that the business goods are stored safely. The protection systems include 24-hour video surveillance, strong boundary enclosures, controlled access, and night patrols. Boats can remain safely in boat storage units and cars are absolutely secure in car storage units. It is also possible to lock your storeroom and keep the key.

3) Convenience: Businesses find it very easy to handle incoming and outgoing goods because they provide convenient facilities like forklifts, trolleys and trailers. Stacking of goods can also be done with great ease. They also provide packing materials. Clients can access their goods on a 24-hour basis, seven days a week, and even on weekends and holidays.

4) Flexibility: Since business needs keep on changing, the quantities of goods to be stored also keep varying from time to time. They allow their clients to increase or decrease their space requirements as per their requirements. Moreover, businesses can also vary the amount of time for which they wish to store their goods.


Certain legal restrictions are imposed by self storage units, and it is in the interest of the businesses to abide by these requirements. For example, it is illegal to store certain prohibited goods such as smuggled goods, illegal documents, forged money, drugs and other allied stuff that contravene the law. These items can be confiscated if they are stored illegally and the business owner can be prosecuted.

These restrictions also apply to some items that are legal but are not safe for storage in these units. The business owner can check with the storage service provider and find out which items fall into this category. Generally, flammable items like alcohol, gasoline, kerosene, lubricants, nail polish removers and paint are not allowed to be stored because of their flammable nature. Other potentially incendiary items such as ammunition, pool chemicals, gunpowder, fireworks, mothballs, propane tanks, and batteries are also banned.

Furthermore, storage companies do not allow the storage of living things or organic materials like houseplants, livestock, and other living organisms. The other items that are banned include acid, ammonia, lawn mowers, weed eaters, aerosol cans and charcoal gas tanks.

Small businesses can gain immensely from the facilities offered by storage units.