What a Self Storage Company Must Have!

What a Self Storage Company Must Have!

Self storage, also referred to as mini-storage, is an emerging industry in which people (whether on a personal or corporate level) pay for extra storage. Such storage can comprise of lockers, containers, rooms, etc. This kind of storage usually charges on a monthly basis.

Typical Features

There are some basic services and things that a self-storage facility must have. Some of the common features of good companies are enlisted below:

Height: Most companies have only one storey so that the customers can easily access and move/remove their stored items. A single storey does away with the hassle of going to another storey and worrying about taking items up the different levels.

Access: Companies usually have large roll-up doors so that items (whether big or small) can be conveniently brought into or taken out of the building.

Transportation: Between units, companies provide trolleys or carts to transport items from the entrance to the specified place.

Division of Units: Units are typically segregated via steel sheets, fencing or plywood/drywalls.

Cameras: Most companies have installed surveillance cameras to ensure the customer’s peace of mind and provide maximum security.

Lighting: Lighting is an essential part of self storage. A unit should be well lit so that the items are easily distinguishable.

Alarms: For added security and prevention of theft, some storage units have individual alarms which are triggered when accessed by the wrong person.

Maintenance: The optimal self storage unit requires a minimum amount of maintenance. Thus, you don’t have to worry about continuously visiting your storage unit and cleaning it.

Additional Characteristics

Along with the features mentioned above, some self storage units have additional characteristics such as:

Mobility: Some companies offer self storage units which are mobile. In other words, they drop off the storage unit at your house and once you have stored your items in it, the company picks it up and places it in their warehouse.

Additional Security: Companies may have additional security measures such as gates with computerized access.

Manager’s Availability: At times, the manager may be living in an on-site apartment. This will ensure that you can contact him/her whenever you require.

Transportation: Some companies offer transportation services at a nominal fee. This may be more expensive but it is very convenient.

Timing: Although the timing has been specified for most storage companies, some offer round the clock availability if you pay an additional fee.