What Questions Should You Ask Self Storage Facilities?

What Questions Should You Ask Self Storage Facilities?

It does not matter if you are between apartments, or are spending a year abroad; if you need to rely on self storage in Chicago to keep your belongings safe for a while, you should investigate your options before committing to just any facility.

Before checking out the storage facilities in Chicago, prepare a list of questions. They will help you to determine which company will be right for your needs. Start with the following list of questions, and then add your own.

1. What is the size of your units? Some providers of storage in Chicago only have limited options, while others have compartments that could hold the entire content of a two-bedroom apartment.

2. Do they have ‘cooled’ units that are designed to store wine for individuals, or even entire wine clubs?

3. What security is provided?

4. What are the rental fees? Do they include insurance?

5. How do you control the environment? Is the temperature and humidity in all storage facilities in Chicago the same?

6. What kind of access will you have? There is always a chance you may need something urgently from your stored possessions. Will you be able to retrieve it, even after business hours?

7. What other services are provided? Do you rent out trucks, so customers signing up for self storage in Chicago can bring their goods to the facility? Do you also provide packing boxes and other moving supplies?

A reliable company offering storage in Chicago will be able to offer you solutions for all your storage needs, regardless how small or extensive they may be.