Working With Others – Teamwork Is the Key to Success

Zig Ziglar once said, ‎”You can have everything in life you want if you will just help other people get what they want”.
We as a country are on the verge of losing our identity, as hard working, honest and resourceful people we really are. People are losing their jobs by the thousands, because of a group of people elected to serve the people are serving themselves and the special interest groups, who line their pockets with filthy lucre.
It seems we have been sold down the river by the ones who have been duly elected, and charged with carrying out the will of the people, in almost every area of our government this seems to be the case.
We need to learn how to be “our brothers keeper” in a sense and try to help those who are being directly affected by our leaders poor choices. With this in mind I have looked at many, so called, home based businesses and found that most of them are just imaginary castle’s in the sky.. Even the experts in Internet marketing will tell you that, “97% of What you See Online today is NOT backed by People who Truly Care about YOU making Money!”.
Do you think that if every person would follow the pay-it forward method of helping others that the world would very quickly change, and once we really begin to serve each other and put others concerns ahead of our own, at least some of the time. We would see that it was meant for us to care for each other, not the governments responsibility.
So, we find ourselves in dire straits, our future seems to flap in the wind as our elected leaders spend, spend, and then spend more, of your own money I would add. I submit to you that there are still people who care, the question that I must ask myself each morning is, “Am I one of them?
If so what am I doing daily in my routine to help someone else. Or perhaps do I look for opportunities as they present themselves right before my eyes to help someone in need.
With utmost certainty I can tell you, if I could learn to live (LOVE) this way my rewards would be worth so much more than earthly treasures. I really believe I have found a way to help anyone in these United States that has lost their job, and just want the opportunity to have their own business, and with optimum chance of success.