Why Self-Storage Units May Be Perfect For You

Why Self-Storage Units May Be Perfect For You

There are many uses for a self-storage unit other than for storing items during a major move. If your house has become cluttered with things and you just know that someday you will need them but the room is getting smaller and smaller; you may want to consider a storage unit. Maybe there are things that you want to protect that you feel would not be safe in your home or garage such as a vintage car or old heirlooms. If you are moving from a larger home into an apartment that does not have a garage then a storage unit maybe the perfect choice for your arrangement. There are numerous reasons for having a self-storage unit that can become an extension of your home.

Clearing The Clutter From Your House

Although some people call the things that we keep clutter, to those collecting, they are valuable assets that need to be kept just in case. The one thing that we do not plan on though, is that all of a sudden there is no room in our living quarters. This is where a self-storage unit can come in handy. If you have items in your closets, cabinets, or garages that have not seen the light of day in a couple of years, than you may want to store them away for future use. This will allow those things that are now in your home, sitting on the floor, counters and in the halls to be put up. They can occupy the areas that were cleared when you moved items to your storage unit.

Protecting Valuable Items From The Environment

Most self-storage units will have some type of climate control so that things do not deteriorate due to the elements. This can really be an asset if you have things that are stored in sheds, basements and attics but need to be moved because of temperature extremes. Nothing is worse than searching for an item that has been stored in the attic only to find out that it has crumbled due to the environment that it was kept in. Many people will keep heirlooms and antiques for years in their basement hoping to one day find a place for it only to find out that it has been destroyed due to moisture. If your valuable items are important, then it is vital to preserve them in a controlled environment that is secure and safe.

Security Concerns With A Self-Storage Facility

There is always a concern that the valuables that you are safe keeping will be vandalized or stolen. This is especially so in a garage or a shed where there is no security measures put into place. Most self-storage facilities pride themselves on the security that they provide and are more than happy to discuss their security measures with a client. Depending on the type of storage facility they will have video cameras and monitoring devices. There are usually electronic gates that allow entrance onto the facility and some will even have guards that patrol the area. You will be the only key holder of your own storage unit.